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For a few weeks, I’ve been taking myself off one of my chronic daily headache medicines to see how much effect the medicine has and how much is my body addicted to it. It’s been a pretty difficult few weeks with trouble sleeping, more neck and shoulder pain, increased headaches, and stomach problems. And mood changes.

And I’ve been reading a really depressing book about evangelical Christians and international adoption industry that is such a hard read that I can’t do more than ten pages at a time. Charles asked me if I should stop reading it and I said no, I needed to finish it, because if even half of it is true, then Christians have a lot to change.

And I’ve had a lot of serious or sad conversations with family and friends, who are struggling with depression, marriages dissolving, searching for jobs, dishonesty, lack of purpose.   I know my own low mood has influenced how overwhelmed and helpless I feel when I talk to or observe friends and family’s troubles.

And the Daily Office lectionary readings this week have been about judgment (for Eli’s blaspheming sons, the end of days persecutions…) And so much of what we read online or see in the news is also depressing.

But this morning, I read this really encouraging, good blog by Jim Wallis and wanted to share it. If you too need some hope and encouragement for the role of Christians in the world and the role of faith in this life, then read this and join me in hoping for the future: “Post-Cynical Christian.”

And a bonus story about paying people a fair, living wage. It’s something positive we can hope and work toward: Can this Dominican Factory Pay Good Wages and Make a Profit?